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Company Information

Gerry's Ad Cellar, Inc.

39 First Street NE
Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 5J9

Tel (403) 526-5159
Fax (403) 529-5125


Established 1980

Owned and operated by Gerry & Susan Gaede

We started with pens. Now, we can provide
infinite advertising and promotional possiblities
to help your business or organization go from
what it is to what you want it to be.

Gerry's Ad Cellar: Your Promotional Product Professionals

This page is about us, but our business is about YOU.

It's really not about us and what we sell; it's really about you and your advertising and marketing needs and objectives. If we can help you succeed, then we'll also succed.

Promotional Products are
powerful advertising tools which can help deliver your message in ways that no other form of advertising can.

We are willing to take the time to learn about and understand
your needs and objectives. Then we'll search through the thousands of promotional advertising vehicles available and suggest the some which are suitable for your purpose and budget. And we'll offer options on how to display your logo and message on the chosen medium. We can save you a lot of time, and time is money, after all.

For us, it's all about you. A simple principle, so important!

We belong to these Professional Organizations ...

Promotional Products Professionals of Canada
Member since 1997

Gerry Gaede, CAS
The Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) designation is awarded to promotional products professionals who have completed education requirements demonstrating exemplary commitment to their profession. Certified Advertising Specialists are recognized for providing the highest standard of conduct, integrity and professionalism to their customers.

Certified Advertising Specialist


1 Conduct business at all times in ways that maintain high ethical standards.

2 Demonstrate a commitment to honesty, integrity, truth, fair competition, customer service and good taste in both business practices and promotional activity.

3 Obey the letter and spirit of the law.

4 Strive to be good corporate citizens in terms of philanthropy, respect for the environment, job creation, product health and safety, and support for society's well-being.

5 Reject any business practice that is misleading, illegal, unprofessional or otherwise in violation of this Credo.

6 Avoid any action that violates or diminishes the legal and civil rights of customers, employees, or others with whom they may have a business relationship.

7 Notify the Association when they encounter behaviour that is or appears to be inconsistent with these standards; and

8 Do nothing to bring the reputation of the industry into disrepute.


 Promotional Products Association of Canada

Medic Air Society

Past Chair: Gerry Gaede

Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce



Tell us what we don't know...

  • What do you like about Gerry's Ad Cellar?
  • What do you think we could improve on?
  • How could we stregnthen our current relationship with you?

Our focus is always about you the customer, which is why we invite you to help us improve our service and give you more of what you expect. Please take a moment and send us a note. Your comments will go a long way to ensure we do all we can to help your company or organization reach your goals.

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